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Materials and Processes for the Orthopedics Pocket Book
Forécreu offers:
Long bars to save mechanical drilling and improve yield and lead time.

Expertise and know-how in metallurgy.

R & D /laboratory, joint support and effort focused on innovation
An extensive range of grades.
Local inventories to support global customers.
For the production of medical tools:
Tool and instrument parts, drills guides, bushing impactors

Drills , taps, reamers , end mills

Cross shaped screwdrivers, hexagons, torx, drill guides and bushings
General tooling including dental tooling
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For the production of medical implants:
Screws for osteosynthesis, malleolar, hips, condylar, ethmoid, spinal

Intramedullary femoral, humeral and tibial nails

Permanent implants
Spinal, pedicle and trauma screws.
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