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Ejector pins/ Punches
Other applications
Autres applications
Other applications
Examples of special geometries already produced:

Examples of applications:
Bars with holes are a rational and economical alternative to gun-drilling or boring, in particular for large volume production or for holes over great lengths. In some cases, the hole can also be used as a basis for counter-drilling or tapping or reworking operations.

Our bars are used in areas such as:

Aeronautics (fasteners, components, connecting rods, central lubrication spindles, probes, ...)

Chemistry, energy (transport of corrosive liquids, probes, injectors, ...)
High pressure, hydro-forming (dudgeoning), hydraulic, ...
Automotive (components, injection, hollow axles, valve stems, ...)
Mechanical engineering (hollow shafts, pins, hollow screws, mechanical components, ...) precision mechanics
Plastic molds, injection parts, blower nozzles, cores, ...
The Forécreu process is capable of producing a wide range of hollow bars to different geometries and grades. As a complement to our standard processes, we can investigate any project involving our feasibility area:

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