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Quality and R&D
In order to meet regulations, standards or quality specific requirements, Forécreu uses various tests and measurements techniques including ultrasonic, mechanical, and metallurgical tests, measurements controls.
Forécreu develops with partners such as Erasteel, Aubert & Duval, Böhler (special steels producers) , Cefival (Calvi Network ) and Timet (Titanium alloys) close industrial and technical cooperations ( in powder metallurgy and extrusion of composite materials) as well as with Research Institutions such as CEA for prototypes, Oseo Anvar for innovation , CrittMeca , Instituto Biomecanica de Valencia and TU Berlin (Nuclear Center) for special metals .
Forécreu plays an active part, within each of its divisions, in the technical promotion and awareness of high speed steels, of titanium alloys for biomedical, and in standardisation
ISO 9001

Document : ISO_9001

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