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Our Trade
Forécreu designs, manufactures and markets hollow round bars in high speed steel , special steels and titanium for the manufacture of coolant fed cutting tools, surgical tools and implants.
A few data
1952 : Founded by Jacques Ory for the manufacturing of oil-hole fed bars.
1964 :

Complete command of the extrusion/drawing/twisting process

Forécreu expands on European and World markets and welcomes Erasteel Commentryenne) and Cefival (formerly Vallourec) in the ownership.
1975 :

The success of its commercial and technical development enables Forécreu to set up an integrated plant in Commentry (Allier).

1986 : Opening up of the first sales office abroad (Frankfurt, Germany).
Development of stainless biometal using existing processes .
1994 :

Cannulated titanium

1997 : Setting up of a subsidiary in Tokyo - Forecreu Japan KK
1998 :

Diversification of our products with the creation of a new subsidiary VBM (orthopaedic polymers)

1999 : Creation of a subsidiary in Chicago - Forecreu America Inc.
2000 :

Creation of a subsidiary in Germany - Forecreu Deutschland GmbH

2003 : Building of a new plant over 10 acres in Malicorne (Allier 03) for increased capacity.
2006 :

Extension of Malicorne plant to fit in an extrusion press of 1500 T
The historical shareholders give up their minority share .Forécreu welcomes Turenne Capital Partenaires.

2007 :

Investment in a hot extrusion press Photo commissioning by year end

2008 :

Start of extrusion on line.

2009 :

Relcoation of Head Office to Commentry Plant.